Tips for Choosing the Right Tires for Your Car

tire replacement

It is unfortunate that most people overlook tires. However, they are an important part of a vehicle. They are designed to be consumable. That means they need to be replaced whenever they wear out. The truth is that badly worn-out tires are likely to affect handling characteristics of the vehicle. That makes it unpredictable and dangerous. There is a need to keep the tires fresh, in proper condition, and properly inflated.

car tireYou should note that high-performance vehicles such as 2015 subaru forester touring require high-performance parts to operate as needed, and tires are an important part of the vehicle’s performance. Torque and horsepower are fine, but what are they if they cannot be put on the ground? Whenever looking for tires for your sports car, off-road vehicles, or your hot hatch, it is vital to ensure you only choose tires that suit your requirements and needs and can get the most out of the vehicle.

Tire Sizes

The first thing to consider when purchasing car tires is the size. In fact, tire size can be quite intimidating at a glance. That is because of printing on the sidewall as a series of letters, numbers, and even slashes. If you want to use lower or higher profile wheels, it is vital to read tire sizes correctly. That also applies to aftermarket tires. Usually, most tire shops have a database of factory sizes for different trucks, cars, and SUVs. The best way to know the tires you want is to match tire size to the wheels.

Tire Size Format

tireIn most cases, tire sizes are written as P225/50/R16. In this case, P means the tire is categorized as a passenger tire. On the other hand, 225 is the width of the tire, and it is measured in millimeters. That should be matched properly to the wheel width that is measured in inches. It is not a must to get an exact match. The most important thing is for the tire to flush with the wheel without bulging or stretching too much. R16 is not just a number, as R stands for radial diameter that also corresponds to be the diameter of the wheels. In this case, the number ought to be an exact match for appropriate tire sizing.

Load and Speed Ratings

You will find that most tires have another letter and number printed to the right of size. That is your speed and load rating. The load index represents the range of loads that your car can carry. The higher the number; the more the weight that can be supported by the tire.