Clinically Proven Benefits of Ligandrol

Clinically Proven Benefits of Ligandrol

Ligandrol, also known as anabolicum, is a drug used for performance enhancement. It is becoming more popular as time goes by, especially among bodybuilders, athletes, and other fitness enthusiasts. That is because of the ability of Ligandrol to increase the mass of muscles without causing the side effects known for steroids. There are many health benefits of Ligandrol, which are clinically proven. Some of those benefits are highlighted below.

It Enhances Muscle Growth

The majority of people take lgd-4033 supplements to enhance their muscle growth. That is why it is so popular among bodybuilders and individuals who are concerned with getting muscular. SARMs have a powerful affinity to the androgen receptors in muscles. By binding with them, they make them much more efficient at muscle building. In addition to that, they help to increase protein synthesis rates in the body. That, in turn, speeds up muscle repair and recovery after gym sessions.


From the perspective of bodybuilders, SARMs are the best thing ever to happen. That is because SARMs provide nearly all the muscle building, bodybuilding, and fat burning benefits that steroids do. However, unlike the steroids, SARMs do not pose any threat to the health of a user. They do not have any side effects that are potentially life-threatening, which means that the users do not get to worry about anything. The SARMs bind only to specific receptors and do not interfere with any of the other receptors.

Increases Body Strength

The other main benefit of using Ligandrol is that it can potentially increase your strength and power significantly. That can be quite beneficial, especially from an athlete’s point of view. The more the strength and power that an athlete can generate, the more effective the workouts and performance will be. However, lgd-4033 will not increase your strength and power significantly overnight. The increase will occur gradually with time, as your muscles get bigger.strong manstrong man

Enhances Injury Recovery 

Your body does not build muscles while you are working out at the gym. It is when you are resting, and your muscles are recovering that the growth occurs. At the gym, the workouts destroy the tissues as opposed to building them. The recovery process is not so simple and usually takes a lot of time. Protein synthesis plays a vital role in the recovery process. Ligandrol helps to speed up the rate of protein synthesis, hence the rate of recovery.

The Best Horse Feed for Weight Gain

The Best Horse Feed for Weight Gain

Most people keep horses for running purposes. Feeding these animals with nutritional feeds is the best way of maintaining their healthy body condition and stamina. Horse feeds are supplements given to horses to maintain their weight. There are different types of horse feeds supplements for weight gain in the market that tend to overwhelm buyers when making their choice.

This post is going to share the best products that can help your horse in maintaining an ideal weight. Some of the forages necessary for horses include:

  • Mixed pellets– Pellets are added to hay or grass to provide the nutrients needed by these animals.
  • Treats- Treats are not used as primary feeds, but they have positive effects on the health of horses.
  • Grass-Grass is the main food or diet for horses. The grass is loaded with silica, making it a suitable option for horses with dental issues.
  • Hay– Hay is a feed that can last for about one day. It is readily available and rich in minerals and vitamins.

The following are the top-rated horse feeds for weight gain:

Formula 707 Daily Fresh Packs Equine Supplement

horse feed

This supplement is loaded with calories that help horses to maintain and gain more weight. It offers easily digested and concentrated calories that improves the overall energy levels of horses. It is rich in fiber which is needed for smooth running of the digestive system. It also contains amino acids and proteins. Horses that are in actual work need these nutrients to help them add weight and built more muscles.

Horses love this feed because of its apple flavor. It can be digested easily, making it a suitable option for animals with stomach issues. Its convenient packaging makes it an excellent choice for travelers. Its packs are well-sealed to prevent it from being damaged by sunlight or oxygen. In addition to this, this feed is rich in minerals for joint and skeletal support. For instance, it contains phosphorus and calcium that improves metabolism and horse’s bones.

Manna Pro Senior Weight Accelerator

This is another excellent feed for horses that contains high calories and fat levels for quick, proper weight gain. This product is mainly formulated for old horses. It is loaded with various mineral and vitamins that are beneficial to the horses’ health as well as adding weight. It contains flaxseed that helps with skin issues. Flaxseeds have essential amino acids that are beneficial for the entire body. In addition to this, the Manna Pro supplement is loaded with biotin needed for healthy hooves. Four-legged animals require biotin to maintain their toes.