An Abridged Guide to Opening a Winery


After years of planning and consideration, you’ve finally decided to open a winery for business. This idea may not seem like a good one for you because it is common knowledge that winemaking is inherited, and you don’t have it in your blood. Although the big names in the industry are indeed the ones that have been in business for centuries, anyone with just the right dedication and strategies can be successful at it.

At least, read this article first so that you know what factors to consider when you want to open a vineyard.

Decide the Type of Your Winery

a glass of wineIn theory, you surely can take all the production levels in your vineyard: growing the grapes, producing the wine, and hosting guests. But sometimes, the budget can’t cover them all, and you can choose just one of them or a combination of two.

Remember that growing the grapes require different sets of skill and equipment from producing the wine or hosting the guests. In fact, you will have to employ different people for the jobs. And it will be quite an expense to manage.

Survey the Location the Right Way

vinificationA successful vineyard relies heavily on the location. But you can’t determine the right one if you have not decided what production levels that you are going to have. Now that you have made up your mind, it is time to survey the land. If you happen to live in Napa, Sonoma, or Marin, visit for their exquisite GIS (Geographic Information System). It enables you to design your vineyard accurately.

If you plan to grow the grapes, the climate in the area must be dry and sunny with annual rainfall and mild winters. Things will be easier if you buy the grapes from farmers and process them in your winery. As long as the location is commercially strategic, then it is good. If you plan to open your vineyard for wine tasting events, it has to be accessible from the nearest towns. Don’t get swayed by the idea of choosing a spot with the best scenery if the access to get there is difficult. It will not be worth it.

Plan for the Marketing and Distribution

Your winery may look beautiful and stunning, but you shall not forget that business is the core of the place. And just like other companies, you must design a thorough plan for the marketing and distribution of your goods.

First, note that all industry sectors these days have gone through digitalization. It means that your winery must have a website and social media accounts. As for the content, you can easily outsource it from freelance creators. It will also be a refreshing idea to invite journalists or wine bloggers to review your wine and the place.

Second, distribution is all about networking and hitting the right target market. For instance, since your brand is still a newborn, you’d better aim at supplying local restaurants first than the supermarkets. Also, show the public how your business benefits the local populace. Make it the primary content for your digital persona.